The Necromancer's Tent

Appearance of Tent

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Leader of Tent




  • You can raise a dead soul to fight along side you, the longer they stay, the more mana it takes.
  • You can raise a dead animal or enemy to fight with you, the longer it's there the more mana it takes.


  • You can bring forth a death to make someone go into a coma like state, the longer this is induced the more mana it takes.

Once a DayEdit

  • Once a day you can cause a group of people in the area to go into a coma or a death like state for a few hours.


  • You can talk to dead people by bringing forth their spirit.


  • Most Necromancers are naturally secrative and/or more darker then others.
  • Necromancers are more toned to kill without remorse and are not usually sad when they hear about someone or something close dieing.